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DS1 Topview LED Neon Flex

  is made of UV-resistant PVC & SMD2835 powered. Topview for a backside bending, square type as 16*16mm. Specialist for making show window or swimming pool. high lumen & super flexible, color is uniformity. Including 11colors (red, amber yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, lemon
yellow, golden yellow, white, warm white ).    

Product Feature:

1. Product size: 16*16mm

2. 96PCS SMD2835/m, Super bright type. W/WM SMD is 25~28LM/pc if =60mA. 

3. Voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V, 240V

4. Work Temperature: -20 o C45 o C 

5. SMD life span: 50,000~80,000 hours 

6. Super flexible, can be bent to small angle by backside bending.  

7. Adopt good UV-resistant PVC material, it is more flexible  

8. Super bright & low brightness decay SMD                     

9. Low-power, low heat, security power, Energy saving (saving more or less 90% than glass neon)     

10. Flexible, easy to bend, install and maintain, convenient for transport.  

11. Two years warranty