Led Neon Signage 12V

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LED Neon signs  


     It was made by DIP led neon flex. 90pcs or 100pcs LED/m. Size is 10*22mm.  We can offer RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, WARM WHITE, PINK, PURPLE. LEMON YELLOW, GOLDEN YELLOW. Neon signage is made by power supply, black & transparent Acrylic board, led ultra thin neon etc.


  Production Map:   


1. Give us your idea or picture what you want to make

2. Tell your signage size, we design for you. 

3. Start to make led ultran thin neon flex & Acrylic board

4. Grave the picture on the board

5. Stick led neon follow the picture mark on the board

6. Connect all the Led ultra thin neon flex

7. Connect a 60W transformer/power suplly

8. Power on the signage for old aging test more than 36 hours

9. Finished all


   Signage style: 



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