SMD 360° RGB Neon

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360° Round RGB Color Change Neon

It is made by DIP LED, 360 degree round RGB color change neon, specialist for building, showcase, bridge decorations, linear continuous light effect. 240LED/m, super bright type. With the help of RGB controller, it can realize more than 36 functions color change effect. It can be changed as   Red  Green  Blue ,  Yellow   Pink  ,, white ,   Cyan .


  Product Feature:   

1.   Diameter size: 26mm.  Round type

2.   Voltage:  12VDC   24VDC  120V   240V

3.   Working Temperature: -20°C~60°C

4.   LED life span: 50,000~80,000 hours

5.   Adopt good UV-resistant PVC material, it is more flexible

6.   Low-power, low heat, security power, Energy saving (saving more or less 90% than glass neon) 

7.   Flexible, easy to bend, install and maintain, convenient for transport.

8.   Environment friendly, water-proof and UV resistant. Durable , Low maintenance costs

9.   Two years warranty

10.  RGB color change, Uniform light, brightness in a row, rich color



    1. Indoor and outdoor architectural outline decorations

    2. Walkway and park guiding-line lighting system, and landscaping

    3. Ideal for bridge, sculpture, building contour, and board fringe illuminating decoration

360 Degree Round RGB Neon datasheet: 

Item No. Color LED IV (mcd) if=20mA Input Voltage LED Space LED Per Meter Power Per Meter Cutting Unit
SBT-RS6-240V-RGB RGB 3,000~4,500 240VAC 0.5" 240 15.9W 3FT/0.914m
SBT-RS6-120V--RGB RGB 3,000~4,500 120VAC 0.5" 240 15.9W 1.5FT/0.4572m
SBT-RS6-24V--RGB RGB 3,000~4,500 24VDC 0.5" 240 18.6W 3"/0.0762m
SBT-RS6-12V--RGB RGB 3,000~4,500 12VDC 0.5" 240 18.6W 1.5”/0.0381m