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SMD Dome Mono Neon Flex

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RS2 SMD Dome Mono Neon Flex  

It is made by SMD2835 with FPCB Taiwan Epistar chips. specialist for building, bridge decorations . High lumen & super flexible. High brightness
and uniformity. It can connect 20 meters just for one end feed. Including 11 colors (red, amber yellow, orange, green, blue,

white, warm white, pink, purple, lemon yellow, golden yellow)

  Product Feature:   

1. Product size: 12*26mm
2. Voltage: 12V, 24V,

3. Work Temperature: -20°C~45°C
4. SMD life span: 50,000~80,000 hours
5. Super flexible, can be bent to small angle.
6. Adopt good UV-resistant PVC material, it is more flexible
7. Super bright & low brightness decay SMD, the color wavelength is within 3nm. In particular, white light.
8. SMD3528/2835, Uniform light, brightness in a row, rich color
9. Low-power, low heat, security power, Energy saving (saving more or less 90% than glass neon)
10. Flexible, easy to bend, install and maintain, convenient for transport.
11. Environment friendly, water-proof and UV resistant. Durable , Low maintenance costs
12. Two years warranty

13.  24V Neon Flex each SMD works alone, if one is bad, the others work well.


    1. Indoor and outdoor architectural outline decorations
    2. Walkway and park guiding-line lighting system, and landscaping

    3. Ideal for bridge, sculpture, building contour, and board fringe illuminating decoration

Product Datasheet:   Milky white / colored cover

Product Type Color LED IV (mcd) if=20mA Voltage(V) Size (mm) Power /m SMD Lumen
Unit Length(m)
SBT-RS2-24V-R Red 4,500~7,000 24V
12x26 9.3W/M 560LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-Y Amber Yellow 640LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-O Orange 960LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-G Green 720LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-B Blue 640LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-W White 1600LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-WM Warmwhite 1600LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-P pink  800LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-24V-LY Lemon Yellow 1500LM 6”/0.1524m
SBT-RS2-12V-R Red 4,500~7,000 12V
12x26 10.8W/M 630LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-Y Amber Yellow 720LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-O Orange 1080LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-G Green 810LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-B Blue 720LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-W White 1800LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-WM Warmwhite 1800LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-P pink  900LM 1.31”/0.0334m
SBT-RS2-12V-LY Lemon Yellow 1700LM